Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Gone Wild!

My friend, Amy, & her husband Donnie came into town this week from OK. Amy is Deborah's sister........Deborah is one of my bestest Girlfriends! I instantly like Amy, too! Deborah & Amy are now 100% MY sisters! I have always wanted a sister......and now I am blessed with so many of them. I went over to Deb's house for dinner with the family. Amy, Deborah and I stayed up talking until 11:30p. I drove home, and stayed up until around 2am. I could not sleep b/c I had heartburn. It was good quiet time at home. I love staying up late on the weekends. If I can make it passed 11pm without falling asleep on the sofa, I can stay up real late. If my eyes start to get heavy, I'm down for the count.
Saturday, I went to lunch with Deb & Amy. We shopped until we dropped.
I went to go feed "run away" kids Saturday afternoon. My heart was broken when I left the home. I desperately want a family and to watch these children who have run away or who's families did not want them, or whatever their situation: I get angry. I did not have a perfect childhood, but my Parents always put the needs of their children before their own. I never needed/wanted for anything. As I watched these children, you can tell they have very low self esteems, you can see sadness in their eyes, & they seem to have the weight of the world on their little shoulder's. Heavenly Father, Please bless, guide, & the lead these children to happiness today & all the days of their lives.
Saturday night, we went to a Pig Roast. I had a good time, but by the end of the night my feet were hurting so very badly. When I finally got home, the pain in my feet were un-bearable. I literally cried when I finally got off the sofa to walk to my bed.
Walking the dogs on Sunday morning was NOT fun. It took me 1 hour & 45 minutes to get beautiful to go to church b/c every time I did something like take a shower or brush my teeth I had to sit down to rest b/c my feet hurt so bad. I even wore tennis shoes to church (which is something I never do). Sunday was Amy's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY! We went to BJ's for lunch. The food was great, but the company was so much better! We all went back to Deb's house after lunch to rest. I tried to take a nap, but how can someone nap with 7 other adults and 2 small kids talking or laughing!
I had a great weekend! It was not long enough but it was wonderful!!!
Deborah, thanks for making me apart of your family. Thanks for always including me in everything you do. I love you so very much. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful Sister & family the day we became friends!


Deborah D said...

I loverly you, too! I had fun this weekend, also, and I know Amy did! Take care of those tootsies!

Heather said...

I miss you Tammy Whammy...