Monday, May 07, 2007

Canton Bound.

My Sorority and I went on our Girl's Weekend. We spent the weekend in Canton, TX. Canton host a huge monthly flea-market. We stayed on "The Mountain" in a Bed & Breakfast. The room was an okay room, but the bathroom was an after thought to who ever built it. It was the smallest shower I have ever been in.

I love going on Girl's weekends, but this weekend was a long one. I had a good time with my Sister's. Also, I saw so many people I knew in Canton. It was quite funny every time I went into a new section of the market, I saw someone I knew!
I also enjoyed exploring the flea market, but I never really realized until spending the weekend in Canton that Canton is truly a small little country town. We only ate on "The Mountain". We ate at a Mexican Restaurant & a BBQ place. They both made me sick to my stomach! I love trying new restaurants, but anymore in Canton! Also, the weather was also extremely HOT! May is normally not so hot, but this weekend it was unbearable. I did have a good weekend, but between the shower & the heat, I could have stayed at the Holiday Inn & been a much happier camper!

I am the one responsible for planning our next Girl's Weekend Next year. Do you have any suggestions on where we should go? What's been your favorite Girl's Weekend?


Panda-Mom said...

Go to

The Young Adult Pastor just got there a couple of months ago and he is dynamic! I can't speak for the group yet, but the church is phenomenal to me! We have a huge traditional service with contemporary songs at 9:30 and then at 11:11 we have an alternative VERY contemporary service. This is where most of your peers would be! Come try us out. I'd love to me a bloggy friend!!!

Heather said...

Wish I had girl's weekends...sorry I can't help you out with a destination.