Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Thursday Thirteen.

Beth Moore posted a great blog last week talking about where she spends time with our Precious Lord. Here's the Link to her blog:

I have thought about Beth's post several times since I read it. My Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to places, people, and situations to where I feel God's Presence or see His Beauty.

1. When I hear a child's laughter, I know God is near. It's sweet music to my ears.

2. Right before the Pastor prays at church, we have a moment of silent Prayer. It's so comforting to know that God's presence is so very near.

3. I love to take the dogs outside just as the sun is rising. I love feeling the sun on my face. I always think it's God's hands on my face.

4. When I see a field of flowers, I always think God's beauty is so incredible, so peaceful.

5. At the beach, when the sun sets is where I gain strength in the Lord.

6. Spending time with my family is a blessing. We may not always get along with each other but so many people struggle to even have a relationship with their family. It's a blessing to actually like my family.

7. As I look back on the time I had with my MawMaw, I always think I wanted more time. She is in heaven with God. She is no longer in pain...and for that I am so very thankful to our Lord.

8. I am a Youth Sponsor at church. As I have watched the children grow up in Christ, it's a blessing to see even though we live in a fallen world, Teenagers who can be lead into evil ARE being lead to Christ.

9. When you hold an infant, it's such a peaceful, God filled moment. Each time I hold an infant it brings so much peace to my life it's absolutely amazing.

10. When I think about the creation of heaven and earth, I am in awe of God's plan. God Created the Heavens and the Earth, all you see, all you don't see. Every shade of green was spoken by our Lord, God blew the birds into the air and created the fish of the sea, he made Humans in HIS own image. God created the Lion & the Lamb (these phrase were taken by The Miracle Play in TN). The Lord, Our God, created a beautiful Masterpiece.

11. When a stranger smiles at you for no reason, it's a great feeling to know there are still some sweet people in the World.

12. When we make medical advances, I am always amazed at the ability God gave someone to cure the sick.

13. When I listen to God's Will & not my own, is when I can truly see God's gifts for me. Praise God for Un-answered prayers.

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