Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Love it..........

Here's a list of things I Love:

I love my birthday.

I love making people laugh.

I love Saturday and Sunday Mornings when I can read a book, drink coffee or hot tea, and have country music playing in the background

I love driving on road trips.......I love road trips.

I love getting home in the afternoon from work to see my dogs after a long day at the office.

I love people watching (people are so weird).

I love having a clean house.

I love the Moment of Silence at church before one of my Pastors prays.

I love being in invited to events.

I love planning events.

I love going to Estate Sales or garage sales.

I love Christmas.

I love the guitar, sax, and the piano.

I love being outside when the weather is beautiful.

I love hearing a child's laughter.

I love watching children grow so quickly.

I love traveling.

I love sleeping when it's raining outside.

I love reading.

I love TV.

I love cooking (when I have time).

I love having girl's nights out.

I love talking to my family, and visiting them.

I love tulips.

I love talking about the "old days" when my responsiblities were so much less.

I love making new memories with my friends & family.

I love meeting new people.

I love MEN!

I love having crushs.

I love being single.

I love holding a newborn.

I love the beach and the mountains.

I love book club.

I love a great glass of wine.

I love losing weight.

I love watching movies.

I love shopping.

I love dating.

I love taking pictures.

I love having a direct view of the sand volleyball court, and the pool from my apartment.

I love the colors purple, forest green, pink, and black.

I love my cute little apartment.

I love flirting.

I love my red curly hair.

I love being fair complexed.

I love my church.

I love ice cream.

I love a great bowl of gumbo.

I love popeyes fried chicken.

I love Pizza.

I love when I can trust someone.

I love that my Parents are both Christians.

I love it when my Faith in Christ Jesus grows everyday!

I love blogging.

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Heather said...

I love you...sweet friend! ;O)