Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Night is Date Night

Hello Friends! Tonight is going to be great! I have a date! I am truly excited about tonight........Let me tell you a little about my date. My date is gorgeous, a devoted Christian, has a great sense of humor, enjoys life, is well rounded...........My date is MYSELF........that's right people, I have a date night planned with myself. When I arrive home this afternoon from work, I am going to do all the chores I can before my night of pampering begins. I have toes that need to be painted, a facial planned, a book that wants to be read and a long hot bubble bath in mind. I am such a Loser.........I remember not very long ago when Friday and Saturday nights were reserved for REAL dates with Real men! In the words of my favorite songs, "Where have all the Cowboys gone?" I am actually looking forward to my time to myself tonight, b/c the rest of my weekend will be filled with outings! I have a girls-night out planned tomorrow night which I am really looking forward too! It's going to be great getting to know the Ladies better!

Have a great fun filled, safe weekend! God Bless.


Heather said...

Just wondering if you had that awkward kiss at the front door when your date dropped you off or ya'll just did the "ass-out" hug thing? Did you let your date scrub your back in the tub? Hopefully, you didn't let your date sleep with you on the first date. Can you tell I'm sleep deprived? Up to take allergy pill because I'm sneezing like a maniac from whatever the darn wind is blowing in. It's blowing like 75 mph over here in McK.

Blueeyes said...

It's pretty amazing, but my date actually did scrub my back in the shower and we did sleep together.....Okay, I admit it.....I am a slut.

Heather, I hope you are feeling better!