Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally Friday.

I am so very excited it's Friday! After yesterday, I need a relaxing weekend!
Yesterday was Chaotic!!!!!!! UPDATE: My apartment looks great painted & Speedy Karla said she will come over to help me put pictures back on the wall & help me move my hutch. My dogs are absolutely beautiful groomed. BooBoo Kitty did great at surgery & I get to pick him up today! I'm so excited to have my Old-man-bitter cat home!

We had our Sorority Founder's Day Dinner last night. I did not want to go to this after my long day yesterday but I went. I am an amazingly wonderful time! Dinner was good & the time with my Sorority Sisters was great. After the program was over, we all walked to our cars together. The Girls were walking ahead of me. I had kinda of a "movie" moment. I thought we are all so different yet so much alike, we all in different stages of life but we all keep up with each other, we all have different backgrounds & yet seem to want the same out of life, we are all have different personalities, but all relate to one another. I also thought what a great circle of friends they all are & then I thought what a great family unit this is. I then ran up to them & we all said our goodbye's! Movie Moment--and I was the star! :)

Thank you, Lord, for getting me through a crazy day & ending with a sweet moment. God Bless!

Happy Friday---Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad Boo Boo did just fine!

(Sounds like you have some great friends!)

Blueeyes said...

I'm very blessed to have wonderful friends!