Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great Family Time.

I am always invited to one my best friend's Mother-in-law's house for the holidays I am in town for. This Easter was no different. I went to Karen's house again--Karen is Kenny's Mommie, Karla is Kenny's Wife. I am so very blessed to be welcomed into this family. When Karen first learned I was Single living in Dallas away from home, she instantly welcomed me into her family........no questions asked. Karen always invites me to every family celebration. I always have a great time. Praise God for a Great Family who loves me even after they know me........and not because they have too! :)

On Easter Sunday, I was sick. I had horrid sinus pressure, my chest hurt, I had a cough, my nose kept running away from me, and I felt like I had been run over by a truck twice! I went to church. I actually debated whether I was going to go to church or not b/c of the way I felt........BUT God kept telling me I went to the cross for you, I was beaten for you, and I died for you, so I think YOU can go to church today. So, I got dressed--believe me, this was a huge feat--and went to church. I am thankful I went, the sermon was very moving. I went home to change & finally got to Karen's around 1:45pm. I hugged everyone and said hello. I got a little snack & waited for lunch. We ate lunch...and it was GREAT! After lunch, I took my place on the sofa and slept on & off for about an hour. Each time I woke up, a beautiful little toddler would come over to me, touch my leg, laugh, & run away. Abby & Allie (Karla's youngest children) are absolutely adorable. Honestly, I think Karla paid the girls in candy every time they woke me up! Karla, fuss up! hahahahaha We had Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Each child found lots of eggs filled with great prizes!

Thank You God for sending your Son to the Cross. Thank You Lord for his Resurrection. I am filled to Joy to Know I am LOVED so unconditionally Jesus went to the Cross for me. Praise & Glory to Jesus Christ, your Love will endure forever!


Heather said...

Did you get my vm on your cell about dinner tonite?

Heather said...

Ok, update this blog, NOW!