Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life as a Single Among the Married

Life is strange at times. I am SINGLE (so, if you know a Christian man who is SINGLE too, send him my way). In the last few years, I do not have many single friends. The ones I did have partied way too much and I had "grown" out of that. I still like to go for a drink every now and then.....and I still love to dance.....but "to go out" with the intention of getting drunk is not my idea of having a good time, or getting home at 5am totally stresses me out now. I even attend a Church with very few Single People. Honestly, I think I am the youngest female in my at least 15+ years. Pretty Sad. Back home in New Orleans, I had lots of Single friends. We went out, shopped, watched movies, read together, spent time together, double dated, enjoyed our single-lives. The Women in my Life now are incredible Women, but they are married----and most with Children. It's a great blessing they have their husband's and children. Praise God for them. It's hard being the only Single Friend in my circle of Friends. It has it's ups & downs. The Upside is if there was an available man, I do not have to beat up anyone else for him! ;) The downside of it is that I AM SINGLE. I have started praying for God to lead me to a group of friends who are Single......maybe I should branch out and find a new church with a "real" Singles program. I am also praying for God to lead me to my Husband to be too. I am seriously thinking about finding a new church. I am completely torn at what I should do because I adore the church I attend right now. BUT I do believe I am held down quite a bit at my church (but that's a different story).
Last Sunday, my friend Jackie from back home called and told me she was moving to Dallas! Jackie is SINGLE. I am so very excited to have her here. Jackie should be moving to Dallas by the end of April, if not May. Heavenly Father, Thank you for Old Friends.


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Have you thought about being apart of two churches? Like being apart of a Sunday service on Sunday morning, and going to our church Sunday nights. Doing it everyone week might be too much, but its a way to stay connected here, but still branch out.


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

It's definitely a personal decision that I know you will devote lots of prayer too. In the end, God has a perfect plan for you.

Heather said...

Hey being single DOES have it's advantages. No one to snore you awake at night, no one to keep reminding you to turn off the closet light. But I know what you mean, I do vaguely remember the inner struggle I had with singleness and being able to find a church that caters to singles. I found most to be meet markets. Anyway, did you ever think that maybe God has you single for a reason. I pray you will be blessed with a husband, but seriously for now seek HIS will in this situation (which I know you are) there is a lot of things one can do on the fly being single that us old married folks can't. Don't get me wrong I love being married, I'm just trying to encouraging you to identify your strengths in singleness as this stage of life. Love you girl....

Blueeyes said...

Rebecca, If I go to another church, then I will go to another church. I am sure I will attend occassionally to my church now, but I will put my heart & soul into the other church. Believe me, it's not an easy decision.

Heather, It's taken me a very long time to say.....I do love being Sinlge, I hate dating, I hate the games that come with dating. I much prefer to be in a loving comfortable relationship. God has already told me he has a Great man for me.....I will meet him in God's timing, not my own. God does have me single right now for a reason. God has a plan--I just wish I knew what it was. :) I do seek God's will to be done in my life as a Single Individual....If I did not, I would be one huge emotional mess.
It's great being Single.....but this post was about me not having any "real" Single friends who can relate to my stage in life. I love & adore my Married friends, but many of you do not understand what I endure as a 33 year old Single Person. Being Single in this age, is definitely challenging. I miss coming home to someone waiting for me, or vice versa. Married People always have someone to do things with, talk to, listen to, confide in....right now, I have my dogs--although they are blessings in my life--they are not the same as a spouse. I do like being Single and it took up until about 2.5 years ago for me to realize I am comfortable being Single. God's has a plan & it's in his timing I rest.
I am very excited that my friend, Jackie, is thinking about moving here b/c she is Single.