Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm such a girl.

I am getting my apartment painted today. I'm finally going to have khaki walls! So, last night I had to take everything off the walls & move everything away from the walls! It was a little stressful! Thanks Karla for coming over & helping me move my kitchen hutch and helping me take down stuff from the walls. (Karla was so fast that I did not even realize that she really took almost everything down--Karla's new name is Speedy)!

At 7:30am, I had to bring my Dogs to get groomed & bring my 17 year old cat to have surgery on his eye lids.....He's having a mini eye lift. Every time I bring my dogs to get groomed I feel horrible, b/c they always freak out when I leave them there----It makes me feel like a bad Mom. This morning was no exception!!!

Now, it's BooBoo Kitty's turn to be handed over to the Vet. I had to take him out of his crate & put him in the Vet's crate & was okay doing that. When I walked out of the Vet's office to my car........I started immediately crying. Not even a pretty cry, one of those instant nose runny ones, with crocodile tears shouting out of my eyes, instant headache from crying so hard, feel like I could faint from the instant girl drama going on in my head. Wondering why I was crying so hard? Well, I'm going to tell you......BooBoo Kitty has been my longest relationship (sad, I know). BooBoo "adopted" me in 1993. When I left the Vet's office, I kept thinking if something happens to Boo today, I simply could not handle it. Boo is 17 years old.......pretty old for a cat & I know one day he will no longer be with me, but God please not today! I had my over-the-top-girl-drama-cry for the day. Please pray for BooBoo to recover quickly from surgery today.


Heather said...

No more Boo-Hoo's for BooBoo. She'll be fine. I can't wait to see how you'll be with a kid (wink). You did handle the peanut butter incident better than I though.

Anonymous said...

I've said a prayer for BooBoo. I hope she bounces back quickly. Our hearts sure can get lost to our furry family members.

Thank you for your kind comments (on my blog) earlier today!

Blueeyes said...

Heather-I am going to be so much worse with kids. I am so over-protective with my animals.....and the kids already in my life. I'm going to drive my own kids crazy! :)