Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Farm.

Over the weekend, it was my friend, Tim's, Bday. I watched their daughter, Jillian. Jillian is one of the Sweetest Kids I know. She's loving, kind, sweet, huggable, kissable, and lots of fun.........UNTIL you try to feed her foods she does not like........Mental note: Never feed her lettuce in tacos or scrambled eggs ever again........NEVER. Funny story: Saturday night: Jillian and I went to Taco Bueno for dinner. I ordered her a taco kids meal. I un-wrapped the taco & instantly she started saying she did not like vegteebles.....she kept repeating herself until I finally realized she did not veggies. (Okay, I may have been a little slow). So, I removed the tomatoes from the taco, but kept the lettuce in the taco thinking I fooled her somehow. While eating her taco, she dropped over half the contents on the taco wrapper. She started eating everything that fell out of her taco & "flirting" with the little boy behind us. So, I scooped some taco meat, cheese, and the smallest piece of lettuce in the world. Of course, being the smart little kid she is, Jillian instantly saw the small piece of lettuce & started saying again she did not like vegteebles......So, being the sweet little Aunt I am, I removed the small piece of lettuce. I put the cheese back on the spoon I removed when I removed the lettuce.......I put the spoon in Jillian's mouth and she started flipping out, crying, trying to spit the food out. Yep, Jillian does not like lettuce. I kept watching her melt down and kept thinking to myself.........Is this really happening? Is she really crying b/c I put the cheese back on her spoon.....I finally told her to stop crying and chew her food, and she did just that..WOW, I have the kid crying stopping magic! No, really, I do! Okay, maybe after I showed Jillian the lettuce on the paper, she stopped. The same situation happened when I tried to feed Jill scrambled eggs! Will I watch Jillian again? YEP. She's one of my favorite kids!

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