Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday 13: My Dogs.

Thursday 13: Dedicated to my Crazy Dogs.

1. Abby is my little escape artist (aka Houdini)

2. Abby is figured out ways to get out of every crate I have purchased (except the plastic one--she just chewed the plastic one). Do you have any ideas on what type of crate I can by now?

3. When Abby was in her plastic crate as a puppy, she would move the plastic crate all over my apartment.

4. Last Night, I came home to Abby out of her crate sitting by the patio door, barking to anything that moved outside & Phoebe was still in the crate (they share a crate). Abby lost a huge clump of fur on the crate.

5. Phoebe follows me from room to room.

6. Abby never eats her food out of her food bowl. She always grabs some food with her mouth and brings it to where I am & then proceeds to eat.

7. Abby & Phoebe hate baths.

8. When the weather is beautiful outside, they are both feisty little girls.

9. They both LOVE cheese.

10. Abby is very clingy, needy. She demands a great deal of attention. She is afraid of strangers especially men. Abby thinks she really a big dog trapped in a little body. She barks at other dogs in the complex b/c she wants all the space to herself.

11. Phoebe is very excitable, loves everyone (especially children), and always has to have a treat immediately after I put her in the crate. At times, Phoebe thinks she a big dog too, but soon realizes she is small when a big dog comes to close.

12. Phoebe does marathon races between 9:30p & 10P every night. Abby tries to keep up with her.

13. Abby will bark at the TV if she hears a dog barking. Phoebe just looks at me (it always looks like she is thinking--Mom, did you just hear that too?)


Amber said...

I just have one gripe with you- I didn't get invited to your house for the March Pokeno!! My feelings are really hurt. Just because I have missed a couple in a row doesn't mean I want to be off the list!!!! LOL~~~ LOVE YA!

Blueeyes said...

I did not send the invite! It may say my name, but I did not send it! :)

Amber said...

So- I understand if ya'll don't want me there!!