Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me..........

My Fabulous Birthday is in 2 days! I am so very excited! I will be celebrating my 4th 29th birthday! Wow, time flies when you are having fun!!! My weekend is going to be so very busy!
Here's the run down on my Birthday weekend:

Tonight, Chili cook off at church. I made white chili for the cook off! It's one of my favorite meals.

Saturday morning, Breakfast with my Sorority Sisters. I want to go to a movie on Saturday afternoon..........Who wants to go with me?
Saturday night, dinner with Friends to celebrate my birthday.

Sunday, is my actually birthday!!! HipHipHooray! I am going to Sunday School, Church, and Lunch at my friend Deb's house (I asked her to make me brisket--YUM). I will probably go to Youth Groups, and then to our evening service. I absolutely love our evening service!

Heavenly Father, I thank you so very much for blessing me with your great gifts this year. I am truly grateful for your love and commitment.

P.S. Our Youth Minister just gave his notice..........if anyone is looking to be a Youth Minister please contact me!


Heather said...

Happy Bday Tam, I don't think we're going to make it to your dinner. Please don't hate me. I'm still regaining strength as you know. Have a great one. We love you.

Blueeyes said...

Silly woman, I do not hate you! I love ya! I pray you regain your strength! Get better soon! Hugs & Love!

Heather said...

I updated my blog today.

Blueeyes said...

Hell just froze over.......Praise God!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Happy birthday Tammy!

Have a good one!
Love ya,

Panda-Mom said...

Happy belated b-day! From your sweet comments to me all the time, I think you will have fun anywhere you go and anytime! ; )

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

Happy birthday my dear friend. I can't believe you are getting so old!!!!! ;P

Hey I didn't know Sean gave his notice. When is he leaving?

casaderice said...

How did the Party go? Sorry we missed it. I did enjoy thrifting with you Sat.