Monday, February 06, 2006

This is for the Blog Nazi........Enjoy!

It's Monday again! How does the weekend go buy so quickly? I am upset with the person who came up with a 40 hour work week.........Life is about relationships, not about "work". I would much prefer spending 40 hours a week building and enhancing the relationships I have through Jesus Christ!
I had a great relaxing weekend!!! Friday night, I went to dinner with my friends, Deb & Robert. We went to Babe's. I read Babe's was suppose to have the best fried we decided to go! The chicken was very good, but I do believe Popeye's is better......shhh!!!....Don't tell Babe I said that. After dinner, we needed to burn off some calories, so we went to Central Market......I just love Central Market!
Saturday was a great day. I went to see Brokeback Mountain. I wanted to see what all the hype was about....honestly, I did not think the movie was going to be good. I was shocked how much I loved it. I laughed and cried......and after I left the movie it's all I could think about for about an hour. I loved it so much, I am going to go see it again with a Sorority sister soon!
Saturday afternoon, I went over to Leigh's house to have some wine, and go over my pledging for Sorority. I think I had a little too much wine.......the wine was great, and Leigh's company was wonderful!!!! I left Leigh's about 7pm, and went to Karla's house.......Kenny cooked Taco's and they were great, especially since I had my wine buzz.
Sunday was a busy day. I went to Sunday School, Church, lunch, grocery store, home to take the dogs outside, back up to church, Superbowl Party, and finally I was home relaxing about 8:30pm. It was a great busy day!!! While I was at church, I was playing with Noah and Camden, and the Blog Nazi got me. My dearest friend Sharon told me to update my blog!!!! On my way home to Church, I knew Sharon would get was just a matter of time!!!! hahaha!!! It's all in good fun, b/c I was Sharon's Nazi last week! My Dearest Sharon this blog is just for you! Okay, I am going to be the Nazi right now..........Heather, UPDATE your blog!!!! Hugs!
My goal this week is to start and finish my book club book this week........We have book club in one week, and the book is East of Eden......601 pages! I need prayers for reading this week!!!
My other goal is to clean my home from top to bottom.

Have a very blessed week!
God Bless!

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