Wednesday, February 08, 2006

28 hours a day?

I think 4 more hours should be added to each day! Last night, I had every intention of reading my bookclub book, and cleaning my house. As soon as I walked into my home, all my energy just completely drained! I got my second wind around 9:30pm......which should have been bedtime....I cleaned my kitchen, and straightened up. Tonight, I must read, read, read, and clean! I am going to clean the bathroom tonight, dust tomorrow night, and vaccum on Friday. Hopefully, when the weekend comes I will only have to bathe the dogs, clean their beds, and change my sheets! I enjoy doing housework, except when I feel overwhelmed by them! Right now, I feel extremely overwhelmed.
Last night was a long night for me. I kept thinking about my MawMaw. I started to cry, and laugh at the same time. I miss MawMaw terribly, she was a great crazy Lady! She was definitely a handful! I admire my PawPaw for being such a great support to MawMaw during their marriage. There were many times when PawPaw could have left, but he made a promise to her, himself, and God that he would stay married to MawMaw thru good, bad, and extremely bad times. I am truly amazed at how much they loved each other b/c they were complete opposites. I worry about PawPaw constantly now. I know he's so lonely.....I pray for comfort & peace in his life! PawPaw is a great man! I love & adore him. I pray God sends me a man like PawPaw, except the man he sends must do chores.........PawPaw just started doing chores since MawMaw went to be with the Lord! lol!
My family and I are planning a Thanksgiving away this year. We are going to the Rocky Mountains in TN. It's going to be a beating trying to please everyone on this trip. Give me a rocking chair outside, a good book, a cup of hot tea or coffee, and I will be happy.........Oh, and give me a good hiking trail.........without bugs......maybe I should pack my friend, Laura, in my suitcase.......she can handle creepy crawly things! Praise God for friends like Laura!
I have lost a total of 8.5 lbs! Yea ME! I need to get a little more strict with myself! My portion sizes must be smaller, and I must limit my carbs. I have increased my veggies and fruit intake, and I was doing great on low carbs until yesterday.......yesterday I had a carb feast! Gosh, it was great! I still have not had any "real" sugar.....and I am proud about it! On my birthday, I am eating cake and ice cream! YUM! The ice cream must come from a great ice cream place....maybe marble slab, or cold stone brain is about to explode just thinking about it!!!

I am done rambling for now! Have a great day!

God Bless!

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Heather said... cream DOES sound good right now. My vote is for Cold Stone Creamery's cake batter with a mix-in of cookie dough....I feel my thighs getting bigger as I type this....Congrats on the weight loss, keep it up. I know you can do it.