Friday, February 10, 2006

More quirks....and the tea.

Here's some more quirks of mine:

I can not stand hangnails......they must come off! As well as un-even nails.....gross!

I hate getting all dolled up to go to a formal event, but once I am ready to go I become a Sassy Diva! It must be the red hair.

When I take my dogs outside, I hate when neighbors who are walking their dogs ask me stupid questions......or better yet tell me how to walk my dogs??? Can someone really tell me how to walk my dogs??? I thought by putting one leg in front of the other was good enough!

I hate getting Friday afternoon traffic on 75.......On Friday afternoons people become NASCAR drivers......simply, the road is filled with NASCAR idiots!

I hate when People learn I am a devoted Christian they automatically assume I am very closed minded.

I hate committing myself to certain things, b/c I know I will hate the fact I committed myself to it and I will dread going, but once get there I have a great time. It's always a constant battle within myself to get myself there...........but like I said, I always have a great time once I get to the event!

I hate ironing clothes!!!


My Sorority will have our Sweetheart tea on Saturday. What does one wear to a tea???? I have been asking myself this question all week......Do I wear pants, a skirt.....Pajama's?! We are having the tea at an old Opera house! I am more excited about the location than I am about the tea. I think I am going to wear my new pink shirt.........Hey Sharon, since you were being so domesticated yesterday with mopping your floors, Can you please come Iron my shirt? ;) LOL!

Have a Happy Friday, and a blessed weekend!

Big Hugs!

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3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

I do not iron. Sorry, I just stick it in the dryer until the wrinkles are gone.

My two cents: I would wear something feminine and pretty to the tea. Pants or skirt would be fine. Sounds like loads of fun. Enjoy!