Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Can you teach a young dog new tricks?

My life has been extremely busy the last few weeks..........and I love it! During my chaos, I have been trying to teach my dogs to sit, stay, heel, and shake. Here are their results: Abby will only sit when I have cheese or her favorite treat in my hand, Phoebe never sits b/c she is the most restless dog in the world. Abby & Phoebe will only stay long enough to finish a treat and immediately after they are running around like crazy little freaks. Trying to train them to heel is a completely different's pure chaos.....Their definition of heel is run like maniacs! I really want them to learn how to shake........but Abby looks like I am beating her everytime I say shake, and when I tell Phoebe to shake, she will actually lift her paw, but at the same time she bites me???!!!! Phoebe is my passive aggressive pup. So, I have decided they can be cute little untrained dogs for their entire lives!!! At least, they are house broken!!!! Honestly, I am not going to have any training sessions this week, but I will start again on Monday. I will work on one command at a time, and if they master that one command I will reward them like crazy and start on the next command! Wish me luck!!!!

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