Monday, November 10, 2008


On Friday night, I went to my 1st High School Football Game since I graduated high school. In high school, I went to about 20 games my entire career as a student. Games were not really my "thing" back then. I graduated 16 years ago in a small city in Louisiana. Simply saying Football is HUGE in my hometown is an understatement.....FOOTBALL. IS. HUGE. GO LIONS!

Before I moved to the East side of town, I lived on the West side of town. Living on the West side of town, I never experienced any footballness! Since I have moved to the East side of town, it seems the football stadium is my back yard. During games, I always hear the band and fans! The band ROCKS. My Niece, Stephanie, is a Color Guard. I was the proud little Aunt watching Steph throw her flag up in the air!

The High School Team I was shouting for won the game. The game was good. The excitement was wonderful. I was fast asleep on the sofa at 11:15pm. Sixteen years make a huge difference......In high school, I would have been too hyper from the game to go to bed so "early" at 11:15pm. Now, I'm old. I was praying for sleep before I left the excitement of the game.

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Karla said...

Let's go Eagles, Let's go!

You will be happy to know that although the football season is not over for the Eagles, they will not be playing at home anymore this year.