Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm the Pet Parent.

When I go on vacation (and I can not take my dogs), I start to stress out. I usually start planning months and months in advance on what boarding place my Girls will stay. The last time I boarded was in March 2008. It was a HORRIBLE experience. Phoebe was extremely sick, and they were both covered in their own nastiness.
My friend, Karla, would keep Abby when it was just Abby, but now that I have Phoebe and Karla had her 2nd set of twins (her name in my blog roll is Superwoman). It's way too much for Karla to keep with her family and then my 2 dogs. My friends Deb and Robert normally would keep them when it's a weekend trip. During Thanksgiving, I am going on vacation and I can not take my dogs. I have been stressing since my last Thanksgiving vacation over this year's vacation. I. know. it's. very. SAD!
I have a co-worker who just starting her pet in-home dog sitting service. Abby and Phoebe are her first clients. The girls and I are planning on visiting this coming weekend to see how her dog and my girls do. More than likely, everything will go good. I'm praying.

When you board your pets, where do you board them?


Karla said...

Tammy's Boarding House!

Lesli said...

Oh, my I am a stress case whenever I go on vacation. I worry, worry, worry about my pets. My dog, Noodles, stays at a fabulous place called Woof-Dah, very close to the airport. They do not put the dogs in kennels, rather they have a lot of beds and couches for the dogs. They have swim time, play time, movie & a bone, baths, etc. It is a dog's heaven! And I can check him on a webcam via my computer, so I don't worry about him as much. I do worry about my cats. They stay at home and I have a friend stop by every few days, usually my ex-boyfriend, Jason, stops by, and when he goes on vacation, I watch his cat. But I understand--I sometimes can't relax from worrying!