Monday, November 03, 2008

Review Time.

On Saturday, I went to see the new movie "The Secret Life of Bees". It was a very powerful movie about brave women, all from very various backgrounds. The movie made me laugh and cry. Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Dakota Fanning, and Jennifer Hudson all gave amazing performances. Queen Latifah has always been one of my favorite actors. She truly becomes her character. Alicia Keys was very convincing in this movie. Her character's fear of Love & Romance completely astonished me. Dakota Fanning has an incredible talent for being so young. The character she played in The Secret Life of Bees describes what many young girls still go through today with an unpredictable Parent. Jennifer Hudson's embraced her role with such bravery that I would love to sit down with her to talk about what she thought about the life of her character during the filming of this movie. Jennifer, I am truly sorry for the tragedy you are facing right now. I am prayer for God to lift you and family up!

After the movie, I went to dinner at a new restaurant. It's called the Asian Mint on Forest and 75. The atmosphere was very retro with a great artistic flare. The. Food. Was. INCREDIBLE! The cuisine is Thai. If you want more information, please go to

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