Wednesday, September 03, 2008

True Confessions

When I was about 14 (20 years ago), I checked out a book from my school library. The plot was about a young city girl who fell in love with a Texas Cowboy. From that moment, I made up my mind.....I was going to fall in love with a Texas Cowboy...get married and have 5 children. At 14, I thought a man in a Cowboy hat, boots, and Wranglers were just the cutest! At 34, I still feel the same! When I had an open invitation to move to Texas at 22, I jumped at the chance. I loaded up my hand-me-down mini-van and headed to Dallas...the land of the Cowboy (or so I thought)!

On my blog roll sits The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Her name is actually Ree. Yesterday, while I was bored at the office I explored the Pioneer Woman's entire website because I usually just kept up with the cooking portion of her blog. I am so totally in love with her and her blog now. Have you ever read the story of how TPW and Marlboro Man fell in love? If not, you MUST read it now. Please go here immediately & grab a snack (you might be here a while):

The funny part of her story is it is exactly how I "planned" my life. I wanted to meet a Great Cowboy, fall in love, get married, and have my babies. From the moment I started reading her love story, I could not stop. I read the entire story when I should have been working (sorry Miss Supervisor, but I really needed to finish reading the love story)! I have a confession to make.........I have a "Girl" Crush on TPW. I would love to sit on her porch out in the country, drink coffee, and just talk! TPW is so busy with her family, homeschooling, and the Ranch I am shocked she can find time to blog on so many different aspects of her life. She's absolutely incredible.

Who's one of your favorite blogs? and Why?

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