Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Responsible

Since Youth Groups kicked off again this school year, God has been telling me I needed to be a Youth Sponsor AGAIN! My heart has always been for children. My walk with Christ grows each time I am with the Youth Group. I adore them ALL! I have struggled with becoming a Youth Sponsor again. My Struggle was with God. I simply did not want to do it AGAIN! Imagine a 2 year telling her Mom "NO!" Well, I am definitely not 2, try 34, but that was me...trying to have to have "MY" own way on this issue with God. I prayed about it. Each time God's answer was YOU NEED TO BE A YOUTH SPONSOR.

It's official! Last Night was my 1st time back as a Youth Sponsor. HipHipHooray! The High School Kids are absolutely amazing! They teach me so very much about my Faith in Christ. Since I have been at my church (almost 8 years), we have had 3 Youth Ministers. I have worked side by side Youth Minister #1 and #2. Last Night, I got to experience Youth Minister #3 (whom I will call Bob). I can sum him up in 1 word. AMAZING! Bob was the only Youth Minister I have heard say out loud to the Kids he was concerned about their Salvation. I nearly fell out of my chair from shock....BOB was more concerned about their salvation than planning the next outing! Way to Go BOB!

Bob also said something that I can not get out of my head. It was something I knew already, but hearing it spoken out loud was like a slap across my face. He said since I am a Youth Sponsor, God will hold me more accountable for my relationship with the Youth and how they come to know Christ as a child. It's simply true. When I face Christ after I die, I will have to confess my sins & faults. It would so incredibly difficult to tell Christ I did not have time or patience for the kids I was sponsoring. I can not even begin to imagine the anxiety I would have, if I have to tell Christ one child was so close to accepting Him, but I did not have it in me to help them along. The weight of this does not completely fall on my shoulders, others are responsible too. However, I am responsible for helping them to know Christ, to share my relationshp with Christ to tell them of the amazing gift Christ has given me. For myself, I can not imagine MY Life without Christ. So, how can I not help a child find Salvation through Him?

Dear Lord, Please bless the children in my Youth Group & around the world. Bless them with good Parents, Ministers, Sponsors, Family and Friends who will share the amazing gift you have given us. Salvation through Christ. Please guide the adults in their lives so we may be better able to share our faith in you.

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