Friday, September 26, 2008


The zip code 90210 brings back many high memories. It all started in 1990. I was in 10th grade. I "made" my Parents watch this TV show with me each week. I definitely could not miss 1 episode. I loved the relationship Brenda had with Dylan...and then the relationship Kelly and Dylan had....the love Steve had for Kelly in the beginning (I could go on and on) was pure heavenly high school drama at it's very finest! I. LOVED. Beverly. Hills. 90210!

Now, let's move forward 18 years (Can you believe it's been 18 YEARS?)......My FAVORITE tv show is finally back. 90210: The Next Generation. The same high school drama is still very active. Kelly, Brenda, Nat, and Jackie are all back.

Are you watching the New 90210?

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Taylor said...

I have watched a couple times and I agree it brings back memories.