Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Youth in Hollywood.

The Youth in Hollywood completely miss the point of being serious, moral role models. When I a child, I had great role models to look up in Hollywood......Brooke Shields, Julia Roberts, CalistaFlockhart, Diane Keaton, etc. Britney Spears is from my home state. I thought she had it all together when she first became "popular". I thought "WOW!" someone from my home state made it BIG. I was so proud of her. Now, I hope she does not do anything to harm herself in the next couple of days. I pray for her emotional and physical well being. Where did things go so wrong with her? The sad part is Britney has two small children who at this point have not contact with their mother (at least, that's what the media is saying).
I'm just a ordinary person with a "normal" life with no paparazzi following me. Can you imagine your life being photographed each time you leave your home? Paparazzi photographing the good and the bad in your life. I assume she brings most of the chaos on yourself. I get tired of family taking my picture during the holidays or on vacation.
I will say this: I'm 33 yrs old. My Family would be here so quickly, if I did anything Britney has done. My Mother would come to TX, pack my apartment herself, and lecture me the entire 8 hours it would take to bring me back to Louisiana. I would expect her to do that. At times, my family should have come to TX to get me. My wrong doings were not make public. Thank Goodness. I am not placing any blame on Britney's family.....Britney is a grown woman. She does make her own decisions. Britney needs a reality check.
Lindsay Lohan was a BIG name in the media months ago due to all the drinking, drugs, and partying. She went into treatment. I'm proud of her. Lindsay's name is seldom in the media now. I'm not saying Lindsay's name will never be media again, but she's making an effort. Believe me, we are all human and fall short. We all make mistakes, but for 90% of us our mistakes are not made public.
This post is NOT to demean the name Britney or Lindsay made for themselves. It's to bring light to the awful jobs they are doing as role models. I am pretty sure they know this. I have a 16 year niece who looks up to these "Superstars". What role models in Hollywood can my Niece look up who are her age? I pray she looks up to the Hollywood that's one the right path.
Listen up Young Hollywood, it's time to get your act together and make a Positive name for yourself again. The Youth of America are waiting!

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