Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Question of the Day.

To keep or to NOT keep? Are you asking yourself what is this Crazy Lady talking about now? Well, friends.......I am talking about MY new year Resolutions. I am KEEPING them this year.

Resolutions are:

1. Eat Healthy---It's a Lifestyle change, NOT a diet.

2. Limit flour & sugar products.

3. Call my friends in LA more.

4. Send out birthday, anniversary cards, etc. on time.

5. Lose Weight thru the Lifestyle change, NOT a diet.

6. Pray more, read the bible more, spend more alone time with God.

7. Find a new church with a Great Single's Ministry.

8. Find my Husband-to-be (God, I need your help with this one).

9. Shave my legs more (if you only knew how long it's been, you would think I am totally insane).

10. Keep up with my cleaning better (I am really anal about my house--it's always clean & neat, but I can be better at it)

1 comment:

Taylor said...

Good Luck on your resolutions. I would have to say my list looks a lot like yours.
*7 out of 10 to be precise*