Friday, May 19, 2006

Two Scares of a Lifetime in One Day!

For the last several months, everytime I stand for long periods of time my left upper thigh aches, and gets a little numb......Do you know the feeling when your foot falls to sleep and you think you have hundred tiny little needles in your foot?.......and you know the feeling immediately after the needles when your foot is waking up, but it is not completely "up" yet............well, that's what my thigh feels like when I stand for long periods of time. Yesterday, my thigh was numb, as well as a part of my left arm, and part of my left leg. So, I started doing some research on the internet, and totally freaked myself out with my self-diagnosis........In my poor little mind, I was having a full stroke! Well, I drive myself to my friend, Deb's Deb could drive me to the doctors office. Here's a question for you........Why did I drive myself to Deb's house when I thought I was having a stroke? Another stupid moment in my life. Deb and I get to the doctor. Ms. Doctor does a full exam........asking questions, testing my knowledge of today's events, making sure I was aware of life around me, testing my arms & legs, visual test, sound test, and several blood test. Ms. Doctor does not think I was having a stroke (PRAISE to you Lord)......She thinks the reason my left arm & lower leg ached yesterday was caused by fatigue...........She thinks the pain in my thigh is caused by a pinched nerve in my back............However, she can not confirm what is really wrong until I have a MRI on my lower back.

Last night, I am watching the Will & Grace finale. I was relaxed, comfy on the sofa, and enjoying the time to myself when all of the sudden I hear a crash coming from the bathroom. My first reaction/thought was I have to get the dogs out of the house b/c there is someone in my bathroom going to kill us. My next thought was I way to comfy & I am in my pj's, and if someone was in my home waiting to kill me, they would have the fight of their lifetime. My dogs prance to the bathroom to find out what's going on.......and as they were by the bathroom door we heard another crash. I have never seen Phoebe so scared, she ran so fast with her tail in between her legs, jumped on the sofa with me, and she was shaking so much! I finally got brave enough to pick Phoebe up, and we walk to the bathroom. The closer I got to the bathroom the more freaked she got.......I put Phoebe down, and she ran the opposite away. I opened the bathroom door, and my shower curtain rod fell down! I assume the rod fell half way the first time, and completely the second time! No "Stranger Danger" in my house!!!!

Praise to you Lord Jesus for saving my life twice in one day! ;)


Heather said...

Tammy--Did they test you for a blood clot? They would have done a doppler on you. Also, there is such a thing as a TIA. Trans-Aschemic Attack which can also resemble a stroke. I'm glad you're ok. See you tomorrow.

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

the shower curtin thing has happened to me many times. It is really scary.