Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend Bliss.

I had a great weekend! On Friday, I went to dinner with some friends.........Saturday afternoon, I went to see Glory Road with Josh Lucas! Oh my goodness, Josh Lucas is one incredibly good actor......In everything, Josh does he is simply amazing! He has stunning beautiful eyes! Praise God for Josh! Glory Road is a GREAT movie.......Everyone must go see it!

At church, Pastor Shannon preached about are you listening to God or are you listening to the noise around was a great sermon! It completely hit many times do I just pray and walk away from the many times do I have the TV or radio on when I should be listening to God.......How many times do I know it's God talking to me, and I just ignore many times do I simply not listen? Heavenly Father, Please forgive me........Please help me listen, help me to understand what you want me to do, and help me to carry out YOUR Will!

Until next time........listen to our Father.


Heather said...

Hey Tammy--What church do you attend?

Blueeyes said...

The same church as Sharon!

Blueeyes said...

Heather, how's the Single Ministry at your church?

Heather said...

Non-existent. Had a long talk with a single women about how much things NEED to improve. So frustrating, I haven't found one church that's got it together in the single's dept. Even back when I was single 9 years ago. It seems that for the most part churches only cater to families and married folks. That's sad, because there's a whole group of people being left out who need a ministry. Off my soapbox now.

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Heather, Tell us a little about the church you go to.