Thursday, January 05, 2006

Being Sick in NEVER fun!

Well, it's official........I am sick! I have a head cold! My nose will not stop running, my eyes are watering like little fountains, and my head is about to fall off due to all the pressure. Here's the weird come only my right eye waters when I am sick??? I am simply a complex bundle of sickness this week.........The only thing I wanted to do is sleep and watch chic flicks!

Yesterday, I was leaving work...........and two men were walking in my direction, and I looked up, and one of the guys smiled at me with a cute, goofy smile, so of course, I had to smile and wink at I pasted him, he smelled so good, I almost turned around and followed him! Anyway, as I looked back to look at him, he turned and looked back, too!!! I am one hot sexy sick babe!!!!! Hopefully, I will see him again soon! My PawPaw's Assistant, Karen, told me yesterday she "feels" like I am going to meet my future husband this year..........I asked her did she have a direct phone line to God........Karen said it was just a feeling she had!!! Lord, Please bless my future Husband.........May he be happy and healthy in your Spirit!

I had my Sorority Meeting Last night. For most of the meeting, the Ladies agrued about money! I understand money is important especially since our bank account is so low right now, but did we have to discuss it for over an hour last night...........yuk! It took me about 45 minutes to even get to Lorraine's house, let's just say, my sense of direction at night is horrible! I need someone to drive places at night! Other than the money talk, I had a good time last night....It's always good to see my Sisters...........I am going over to Leigh's Saturday night to discuss my pledging! I am looking forward to it!!!

God Bless........

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Heather said...

Tell us about your "sorority"? Is it school/church related? Also, hope you are feeling better soon. P.S. My advice about finding a husband. Stop looking. They always show up when you are NOT looking (wink). That's how it happened for me and my hubby. Best of luck NOT looking!