Friday, January 27, 2006

Allergic to Boo.....

On Wednesday night, I was cleaning, doing laundry, taking care of the animals, and trying not to start too many projects before I go to bed. So, I decided it was bed time around 11:30p, I take out the dogs, and I come back in. I give BooBoo Kitty his eye medicine. And the drama starts. First, I must say....I am allergic to BooBoo.....I have been allergic since day, why do I have a cat???? The reason is I simply love & adore the bitter old cat! So, after I give BooBoo his eye drops, I feel I am completely covered in his fur...GROSS! I changed my clothes, rubbed my eye, and then washed my hands......Let's just say, I should have washed my hands first......My right eye started to swell, and my pupil started turning 10 shades of red. I am sure it did not help that I kept rubbing the eye to "make" it feel better!!! I was going to take Benadryl, use allergy eye drops on myself, and then go to bed. I had no Benadryl in the house, so I go to Kroger at Midnight with my eye about to fall out of my head, and the Lady behind the counter asked who punched me in the face. At first I was shocked she even asked, but all I could do was laugh, and tell her my cat did it. I finally get home, take the Benadryl, and go to bed. When I woke up yesterday morning, and my eye is not any better! I looked like someone beat me up yesterday morning......I was a sad sight yesterday.........I took more benadryl, and used more eye drops, and went to about 3pm, my eye was much better....Praise God.
This morning my eye is back to normal.......Thank God for small favors!

Last Night, I took Gumbo up to the TCo team. The TCo team means so much too me with all they do for my church. I truly appreciate their talents, and their love of Christ. I am truly blessed to have this service, and everyone involved in the TCo team in my life. I pray to God no one got sick from the Gumbo!!! If I do say so myself, it was GREAT gumbo. I have been on a cajun cooking frenzy........Since I went home for Christmas, all I want to eat is cajun this or cajun that. I need to stop with this addiction before I turn into gumbo!

I have a very relaxing weekend planned. I am going to dinner tonight to celebrate my friend, Heather's, birthday! Tomorrow, I might go to a couple estate sales......then again maybe not.....I am definitely renting movies tomorrow night to have a Tammy night at home alone! I am so looking forward to relaxing and enjoying my time. I also will go to the library tomorrow to pick up my next book club book! I do want to read the book this time! I am bad about reading every book! Oh well, I really love going for the girl time, and if I do not read the book, then I simply don't read it. I read about half the books, and that's just fine with me! So, I will start on the new book this weekend! Sunday is church. A great relaxing weekend will be great!

God Bless!


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Brian thought the gumbo was FANTASTIC!!!

Thank you!

Blueeyes said...

Cool! I am always so critical of my own cooking......I absolutely enjoy cooking!!! I am glad Brian enjoyed it......I think all the men had 3 bowls!

Heather said...

Girl, my eye's do the exact same thing when rubbed after cat admiring. The white parts of my eyes swell up and turn a nice shade of pink and red. Then when I close my eyes it feels like there's 85,000 eyelashes stuck in my eyes and it's hard to even keep them closed from the irritation. I hope you are feeling better tomorrow. You kind of need those eyes to watch your movies and read your books this weekend. P.S. I've linked to you on my blog now. Don't you feel special? Wink!

Blueeyes said...

I do feel special.......Actually, I feel so "special" b/c I can not figure out how to even add a link on my blog, even after Sharon sent me "directions".....I will have to go to Sharon's house and get step by step instructions first hand! Thanks for linking me!!!