Monday, January 30, 2006

Estate Sales

Friday Night, I went to Dinner at Paesano's for Heather's birthday......and dinner was great, and the company so much better!!! On Saturday, I went to Estate Sales with my friends Linda and John. I had a great time! I love going to Estate Sales.....although I did not buy anything, I had a ball! It's kinda weird to walk thru someone's house, and look at all their belongings and watch people go wild about it all. I wonder if I ever had a Estate Sale, would people "fight" all over my precious, wonderful things. I just love my little apartment! I keep trying to add new things constantly......but since I only live in a one bedroom, my home is beginning to fill up quite quickly! At this moment, I do not have any more wall bare walls in my home, it's kinda weird!! Anyway, on Saturday we ate lunch at Celebration...and it was YUMMY! I love Celebration.....I had the Jamaican Jerk Chicken...and it was spicy and wonderful! I rented a movie Saturday night, and I was resting on the sofa no later than about was blissful! Sunday, I went to church.......and Pastor Bruce's message was great! Bruce is constantly on fire about Christ! He's amazing!

The count down begins: 20 days until my birthday!!! WooHoo.......I am so excited!!! I just love my birthday!!!

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Heather said...

Bring on the estate sales baby!