Sunday, April 20, 2008

Make-up for Girls or Boys?

Last week, I was sick.....really sick. I woke up on Monday morning with my severe congestion & headache, runny nose, just pure nastiness. Since my eyes have been puffy, red, & itchy, I have not been able to wear make-up all week. I went to the Silly Family's house one day this weekend. I said something about not wearing make-up. Kenny, aka Silly Dad, has said numerous times women wear make-up for other women, NOT men. I keep thinking about Kenny's statement. I will agree and disagree with Kenny.

I agree with Kenny because I love watching how everyone I know has completely different make-up talents. I say talents because I believe it takes talent to "put on a face." I love to people watch especially how much/little make-up women wear. I never really thought about this until Kenny said women wear make-up for other women. I was about 14 years old when I really started wearing make-up. My Mom showed me how to put it on. Mom wears little make-up. So, I in-turn wear little make-up. When I was in college, I always put on a full face: foundation, powder, eye shadow, eye-liner, mascara, blush and lipstick. In college, I put on make-up because all my friends put it on.......this is why I agree with Kenny. We played "beauty shop" quite often. It was great.

I also disagree with Kenny. Since I am Single, I wear make-up to get noticed by men. I wear make-up to enhance my natural beauty. :) It amazes me the color of your lips can really turn on a man. With each man I have dated, they have always loved a different shade of lipstick on me. This is why I disagree with Kenny. Make-up does turn on men. So, I wear make-up for men too. It will be just my luck I will find a man wearing NO make-up & looking my worst.

What do you think? Do you wear make-up for Girls or Boys?

P.S. I need a "make-up" overhaul........Is anyone up for the challenge????


I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

I would love to "over-haul" know makeup is my specialty, just look below. (wink)


sasha said...

I wear make-up mostly for myself. When I look in the mirror and go yuck at my yucky skin and boring eyes and pale's time to break out all the goods. When I'm done I look again and go WHOA HOT MAMA and it makes me feel good. Am I just a tad too self involved?