Monday, June 11, 2007

Sleepless Weekend.

I had a great time over the weekend. Here's the fun down: Friday night, I went to dinner for my friend's Ty's & Michael's bday. After dinner, I met up with some of my Girlfriend's at this cute hip new wine bistro Bar! Thanks for the invite, Heather! Sharon, I'm glad you came too! I had a smashing time!!! :) I stayed up until almost 2:30am on Friday night. Yep, I'm a wild woman! When I finally got home, I could not sleep. Just think, I rushed home b/c I was soooo tired! It figures! Saturday, I woke up at 9am. No sleeping in for me! :) I took lots of stuff to the thrift store to be donated. I also took a little Tammy time....painted my toe nails, took a long hot bathe, did a mini-facial, and did no housework! I'm beautiful now!

Saturday night, I traveled to Pilot Point for one of my dearest friend's, Mindy's, 30th birthday party. I can not believe I still have friends who are still under 30. Come on people=grow old with me! It was a surprise party & Mindy was surprised! I thought it would only take me 30 minutes to get to Pilot Point. Boy, was I wrong. It took one solid hour! Praise God I got there before Mindy! I had a great time at Mindy's Party. I have not seen some of her family in a very long time. Mindy & I have been friends for 11 years. 11 years is a long time.....I felt extremely special b/c I was the only friend of Mindy's that was invited. WOW, I must be special! The Girl's all went back to Misty's (Mindy's sister's house) for a couple of drinks and lots of laughs! Mindy & Misty are truly both quite humorous...both blonde too!! I laugh every time we are all together. I got home around midnight & still could not go to sleep until around 2am.

Sunday, I went to church. I went to lunch with my friends Deb & Robert. Sunday afternoon, I went with Deb & Robert to their granddaugther, Krislynn's, dance recital. She did a great job dancing. Thanks for driving, Deb! You are the best!

It's officially Monday afternoon. I'm ready for my nap now!


Heather said...

Somehow I'm seeing an "up late nights" pattern...You better turn in early tonight Us 30-somethings need our beauty sleep. Oh, I almost forgot-- tonites Pokeno, so it'll be another late night but you'll get to see ME which I'm sure will be the highlight of your day....(wink)

Blueeyes said...

Pokeno was lots of fun! I look forward to it each month! I'm glad you are back!