Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Count Down

Here's my countdown:

2 more hours until lunch: 2 hours until I buy a glucose meter thingy to test my blood sugar b/c I have to take steroids to get rid of my hives (yuk)! I hate checking my blood sugar--it actually scares me.

7.5 hours until I lead my Sorority meeting (I'm not even prepared).

2 more days until the weekend (HipHipHooray).

1 more day until a Birthday dinner with friends tomorrow at one of my favorite restaurants (YUM).

5 more days until I finish my steroids (I feel weird taking this medicine). I feel like I could go clean Karla's house, Sharon's house, MY house, My Mom's house, Rebecca's House, Heather's house, PandaMom's House and then run a Marathon while still being itchy & scratchy and tired from the strong antihistamine I am on! Weird feeling! How can I really have so much energy & be SO tired at the same time?!? ( the way, I was just using cleaning your house as an example--I definitely will not show up with my mop and cleaning supplies....and if I do, please just show me to the nearest bed)!

13 days until My Mom, Cousin (Tina), and Niece (Allie) come to visit me. 13 days until I have 3 days off from WORK! Can 4 women really survive being together for 5 nights and 6 days? Estrogen at it's finest! I'm very excited to have my family come visit me!


Heather said...

Well, you sound like you're doing a little better....

Rebeccalynn_dj said...

and you are welcome to clean my house if you want ;)