Monday, June 18, 2007

Clean Sweep!

My Mom, Niece, and Cousin are coming to visit me this week. They will all be here by tomorrow night. The plans were my Mom & Niece were driving in Tuesday & My Cousin was flying in. Mom & Niece were suppose to get to Dallas around 8pm & Cousin's plane arrives at 10pm. The plans have changed a dozen times since the initial plans were set. Right now, my Mom & Niece are leaving home at 6am & will be here between 3pm-4pm. It's funny how 4 short hours seems like an eternity especially since I did not start really heavy duty cleaning my home until 5:30pm last night. I had the cleaning all planned in my head until Mom calls to tell me she was leaving her home at 6am. So, now I really only had 2 nights to clean my house instead of 3. I dusted & cleaned my bathroom last night. Now, I just need to finish laundry, organize & pick up my house, clean the floors, vaccum, change the sheets & make the bed tomorrow before I leave the house! Tonight, I have my bible study.......Am I really going to have time to clean? I'm going to be so stressed by the time I go to work tomorrow morning that I will be happy to be at work & away from the cleaning! Since I got the never ending hives, I have not really cleaned my home. The cleaning frenzy started last night at 5:30pm. It did not end until 11:30pm. I was exhausted when I went to bed! I will probably have a repeat performance again tonight!

My moto this week: A Woman's Work is NEVER done!

Friends, This will be my only post this week. Have a blessed week & behave yourself.

God Bless!

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