Monday, January 08, 2007

Friendships who turn into Family.

Good Morning, Friends.
Since I started my new job, I have been sick. I finally got health insurance Jan. 1st. I went to my Doctor's office Jan. 2nd. I was diagnosed with bronchitis. I normally get bronchitis about 2 to 4 times a year. Since I let this bronchitis go for over a month, my doctor told me, I will get worse before I get better. The Doctor told me I should relax, take it extremely easy, don't walk the dogs or clean house, go to work, come home & rest. Well, do I listen.........NOPE. I always think I am invincible. I can be sick and still do everything I want and need too. Well, the bronchitis caught up with me this weekend. Saturday morning: I took the dogs for an hour walk and went to breakfast with my Sorority Sisters, and then I went home to watch a movie.....during my movie watching I did laundry, and tried for the 4th time to put a slip cover on my sofa (which I still can not figure out!). Well, after fighting with the sofa (and the sofa did win) I was extremely winded. I felt like I could not catch my breath. I kept grasping for breath. It's scary when you can not catch your breathe. Saturday night, I went to my Friend's 55th birthday Party. My friend is a nurse she told me I needed to take it easy........I finally listed to my Doctor & my friend.
I wake up on Sunday morning, and I feel like a truck ran over me, TWICE! I had two friends from church & one Sorority Sister call to check on me. I had lots of offers to make dinner, bring dinner, take the dogs outside, come help me clean, and come just sit with me to give me company. Thanks so much for all your support. I know I can always count on you. My friend, Sharon, asked if she could bring me dinner---How very sweet! My friend, Karla, bought me dinner from Wendy's. My friend, Sarah, wanted to come over to help me in the house.........Poor Sarah, the only thing she would have done was watch me sleep.....Believe me, that's not a pretty site. I am very blessed to have wonderful friends. Thanks so much for loving me so much.

Here's some little facts about me when I am sick: I cry just because I am sick, I want my Mommie, I am a horrible winey, moody, miserable person, and I stay in pj's until I am feeling better. I cried a lot yesterday! I crave chocolate, chips, soda, burgers, pizza, chinese, and pasta. I wanted everything I should not have yesterday. If I actually did buy snack foods, I would have gone thru everything yesterday!!! Pray for my quick recovery!

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