Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doggy Dog Days of Having 4-legged Kids!

Most of my faithful readers know I have 3 kids, each with 4 legs. I have an old, bitter cat (BooBoo Kitty) who is 17 years old. I have two small dogs (Abby & Phoebe) who are still pretty young. Over the holidays, my cat lost some major weight. On top of his weight he lost, he has two diseases which requires special food and medication. He even started to throw up his dry food quite a bit. I started to think this was the end of the end. BooBoo has been my longest relationship (LOL--how sad is that)! I was trying to deal with losing BooBoo as best I could......everytime I thought about losing him, I would cry (just like I'm doing now).
Last weekend, I went the Vet to discuss BooBoo's situation. Well, come to find out I was pretty much starving my poor cat. The special food he was eating was also for weight lose. Since he already lost weight, he needed to be on a new type of food. The Vet gave me another type of special food & suggested an over the counter food for his sensitive stomach. I am proud to say BooBoo is eating like a King. Two nights ago, I purchased some pre-cooked Tyson chicken strips for dinner. I gave a huge piece to Abby and one to Phoebe. Well, BooBoo took it upon himself to steal each piece of chicken and then proceeded to run. Both Dogs were shocked & started whining. It was so funny!!! I think the animals, especially BooBoo, ate more chicken than I did! I am proud to say........BooBoo Kitty is doing Great & the dogs are bitter b/c he has been fed chicken since he stole his first two pieces. BooBoo is 17 & if he likes chicken, he's going to get chicken.

Phoebe is going to get groomed on Saturday. She's a shih-tzu. I get her groomed every 2 to 4 months depending on the weather. When I do get her groomed, I normally have her shaved. Right now, she is my little fluff ball! She's simply adorable, but her fur must go. Am I a bad Mom if I get her shaved in 30 degree weather?

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