Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Good Morning!!! The weather in Texas amazes me! On Saturday, the temperatures were in the 80's, and today we might get wintry weather!!! Honestly, I love the cold weather, but I would love it more if I was at home warm, drinking coffee, and snuggled on the sofa with my dogs watching a chic flick, instead of at work! More than likely, we will get to go home early!

18 more days until Christmas!!!! I drive home in 15 days!!! I am renting a car, and driving home this year. It's so much cheaper to rent a car, pay for gas, and take all my animals!!! If I were to fly home, and board all my animals it would be so much more money b/c the price of plane tickets to New Orleans have increased so much since gas is so expensive and Hurricane Katrina hit. I pray my Mom and I get along this trip. When I went home for Thanksgiving, we fought constantly..........This holiday season is so hard......It's the first holiday season without MawMaw.......I never imagined life without MawMaw!

The month of December has been crazy busy already and it will continue to be crazy until I go home! Every weekend I have something planned and even during the week I am busy! I love being busy, but I always enjoy being home. This weekend I have my company Christmas Party, Friends coming over for dinner on Saturday, and Sunday is church all day!!! The weekend is going to be great, but when will I sleep??!

Tonight, I have my Sorority Meeting! It's the Christmas gift exchange! I am really excited about the meeting tonight!!!! I truly enjoy being in the Sorority! I love all my Sisters!

The powers that be actually want me to work, I am going to start on my day!

God Bless!

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Kirsten said...

Sounds like renting a car is the best for ya...stumbled on your blog...good luck w/ the mom...I personally don't get along w/ mine...but good luck anyway...sorry about your MawMaw...always a hard time of year when you've lost someone you love...have fun at your meeting...and have a great day