Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Allie and Abby

Life is simply incredible! On Monday, my best friend, Karla, delivered her second set of twins! Allison and Abigail are their names........and they are the most adorable babies in the world!!! I fell in love with them instantly! Karla and the girls should be able to go home tomorrow! I am so excited for them to go home! I am truly blessed to have so many adorable children in my life!!!! At church, we have 7 women who are pregnant, and who are all due in December..........I guess God figured he was going to take care of growing our wonderful church!
I am going to see Karla, and the girls today at lunch!!!!

I leave to go home in 7 days! I am excited to be away from work for a few days! I do like my job, but at times it drains me.........only b/c the work is so boring at times. BUT I am very thankful I have my job! God has truly blessed me!

Well, it's lunch, I am going to the hospital to see Karla and the babies!

God Bless!!!!

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