Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy Wild Weekend

The weekend was great! I saw Karla, and her babies on Friday. Karla & the girls are doing great!!! Stephanie, Kirsten, and Kaden are great older siblings!!! On Saturday morning, I took Abby, Phoebe, and BooBoo Kitty to the Vet for Health Certificates..........It was chaotic! I need to make a mental note NEVER to take all 3 of them to the Vet together again! It was a huge relief when I finally got them all home and settled. Saturday night, I went to Rebecca'a Mom 75th Anniversary......the party was okay....not really a big deal......I was home asleep on the sofa at about 9pm. Sunday, I was so busy! I went to the Birthday Party for Jesus, Church, Lunch, and then I went home cooked, and then I went my Sorority Christmas Party, and The Connection at church. Sunday was busy, but it was wonderful! I would have to say Sunday's on my favorite day of the week!!!

I am getting ready to go home for Christmas!!!! I have lots to do, and not enough time to do anything.........I have to pack everything the animals will need, everything I will need, christmas presents, and everything else I have for my mom, and the dogs crates............I doubt I have enough room for everything in the car! I will probably have to omit some things, but wonder if I happen to need the item I unpacked! I love to pack everything! Why do women have to bring everything they own when they go out of town???!??!?!!?!!!!!

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