Monday, March 17, 2008

The Torture at 5am Today, Wednesday and Friday.

I finally did it. I started a new work-out routine with my friend Karla. I found out today I am extremely out of shape. I will keep the work-out up! I will get fit. I will become a Gym Rat! I will eat healthier! I will lose weight!
I told Karla on one of the weight machines my "butt" was a little too big for the machine.....and guess what? Karla said the same thing.....and Karla's butt is way smaller than mine!
I went to bed at 9:30am last night (which is extremely early for me). I always think I am going to "miss something" if I go to bed early. My "normal" bed time is between 10pm and 11pm. It was actually refreshing to go to bed early.
The alarm went off at 4:30am. I dragged myself out of bed at 4:38am. I was at the gym at 5am. Within the first 5 minutes on the first cardio machine, I thought my legs were going to completely fall off! I pushed through it and did okay. I started to fell bad b/c with each new machine I had a ton of questions for Karla. How does this machine work, blah, blah, blah! Karla was extremely patient with me. Thanks Karla for your help today. I really appreciate you! Karla, I am totally amazed by you at the gym. Friends, my Karla Friend did sit-ups this morning! SIT-UPS! I will get to the point when I will be able to do sit-ups. I have not done sit-ups since junior high school. One day soon, I will be doing sit-ups!
I'm really looking forward to Wednesday morning at 5am! I will get fit! :)


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Yeah!!!!!! Push past the soreness tomorrow and keep going it will be totally worth it. I am soooo proud of you!

Karla said...


Wednesday will be a little easier--in a few weeks you will look back on this post and realize just how far you have come. You should keep a 'workout' log to prove to yourself that you are doing a GREAT thing!

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

I am so proud of you girlie. You'll be a shadow of your former self before too long.