Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am.....

sensitive, strong, independent, out-going, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a niece, an aunt, a CHILD of CHRIST, a pokeno player, a girlie girl, a tomboy, fearful, tearful at movies or anything else that moves me, clean, neat, organized (but don't open my bedroom closet), passionate about life.

proud to be an American, amazed at the incredible task our Military does on a daily basis for my freedom, allergic to life (at least that is what my doctor tells me), blessed by the time my family and friends who have served this Great Country, proud of my heritage (Cajun Girl!), a techo/rave music freak, a republican, intelligent, loyal, faithful, emotional, at times overly-emotional!

a Pet Parent to 2 dogs and 1 bitter old man cat, comfy in jeans & tshirts, someone who loves to laugh out loud & to make people laugh, a blogger (duh!), a mother hen who loves children, an avid reader, slave to my desk at the office, addicted to TV, fascinated with the live's of celebrities, a singer who can not carry a tune, tennis shoe loving, a fabulous cook, a horrible baker, a diabetic who is a lover of sweets, confused with directions, stubborn, pedicure loving.

a country music fan, a jewelry loving freak (especially rings), clean freak, a christian music junkie, a grand-daughter, a sucker for lipstick (I own way too many tubes), party planner, not afraid to stand up for myself, NOT a morning person, blue eyes with naturally red curly hair, overweight, silly, extremely organized with my monthly budget, glad I am not a teenager in this world, thinking about buying a house.

caress and dove soap, looking for my husband to be, a believer that this world is NOT my home, laughable at times (you should see my bed head), blessed to have my family & friends, always ready for a road trip, impatient, slowly going green.

Who are you?


Panda-Mom said...

You know who I am. I have spilled the beans about myself probably one to many times! I think you'd enjoy my latest post....just a hunch. ; )

Panda-Mom said...

That was supposed to be "too". I am an educated girl, ya know. LOL!

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

I like YOU....(wink)