Monday, February 11, 2008

Nothing new.

I admit it.........I AM A BAD BLOGGER! I have not blogged in days. I have nothing new or exciting to blog about.

Here's what I have been doing lately:

Sunday, I went to church & out to lunch with friends. Sunday night, I grilled steaks and hamburgers. When one of the steaks was completely done, I tried to flip it over. Well, I dropped in on the ground. I turned around to see who just saw I dropped it, picked it up, and put it back on the grill. I could not bring myself to eat it. I washed it off and feed it to the dogs! My Girls were very excited to eat steak for the very first time.

Saturday during the day, my friend, Melanie and I went to Sam Moon's. Mel "made" me buy a purse. The purse is extremely CUTE! Saturday night, I went to my Sorority's Charity Ball. The Ball was for the Wednesday's Child program. I had a good time at the Ball, but I sure did not want to go! I really just wanted to be in PJ's for the rest of the evening.

Friday night, I went to dinner with my friend, Linda.

Thursday night, I was home watching LOST. It was a good show.......much better than the very 1st show of the season.

Wednesday night was my monthly Sorority Meeting.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras day. My family & friends in Louisiana were partying while I was slaving away at my desk. Tuesday night, it's a tradition I cook dinner for my Karla Friend's family. The dinner did not turn out like I wanted, but all in all it was still good.

Monday night, I was home being bored b/c every show I watch was a RE-RUN!

I told you nothing new or exciting!

Love ya, BlueEyes!

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Heather said...

Solution: go to future charity ball's IN YOUR P.J.'S. I'd do it....and you know I would.