Thursday, March 16, 2006

THIN women screaming to get out of this BODY!

My week has been extremely quiet.........I went to book club on Monday night (well, Monday night definitely was not quiet with all the kids running around, little Hunter is such a out Rebecca, when he gets older he's going to be a heartbreaker!), Tuesday night I went to my Beth Moore Bible Study, last night I watched TV & did a couple of chores.........BUT tonight is going to be great! I am going to Rock Fish for Dinner......YUM! Since I have been on my "new" change of life, I feel my food is boring.......I want fireworks at every meal, and lately it seems like I am eating at the old people cafeteria everyday....BORING! ;) So, tonight I am going to eat spicy fish, and I am going to love every minute of it!!!!!

The saying is true, Women must suffer to be beautiful!! I have never really seen myself as a "fat" girl.....don't get me wrong, I know I am extremely overweight, but I have always loved myself no matter what size I am in, I have always been comfortable with myself no matter what size I am in, and I have always thought I was sexy no matter what size I am in. However, I have always seen myself smaller than I am actually am, until I have seen a picture of myself, and then I think........Who the heck is that fat girl? I am shocked the "big" fat girl is myself! Yikes.

I talked to my Mom this morning........she said she really was proud of me for changing my eating habits.....she proceeded to tell me how stunning I was, and how impressed of me she is..........and in the very next sentence she told me the reason I was still single was because men do not like Large Women, and then she said Men do not like fat women.......she did not tell me once, or twice, but 4 times that Men do not like Fat Women! My first reaction was to tell her to be quiet, but I know she loves me, and Mom wants me to be healthier.......So, for once in my life, I just let Mom talk......and the conversation ended on a positive note with each of saying I love you!

God Bless!
Have a great day!
Thin Girl Screaming to get OUT!


Rebeccalynn_dj said...

You know what I always hated when people told me that I had a pretty face. A person is pretty or they are not.

You are.


Blueeyes said...

Thanks, I truly appreciate your kind words!

3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

Sometimes people can be very hurtful without actually meaning to. It is especially hard if that person is a loved one.

Keep remembering this isn't about anyone else except YOU! You are doing an awesome job Tammy! Keep up the great work.

Heather said...

I beg to differ on the "guys don't like fat girls" statement. I've been married for 9 years this year and I'm 40 lbs. heavier than when we met. My hubby loves me unconditionally. He's never said anything about my weight. So, if that would have been me talking to my mom and she said that I would have had to correct her comments. You are awesome girl, however big or small you are. In God's eyes you are his masterpiece, created in his image. We love you however.