Thursday, March 23, 2006

Girlfriends & Directions

Last night, Heather hosted a girls night out at her house! The evening was good. It was good to see the Pokeno Ladies again last night. My friend, Sharon, was there as well! It was so good to see Sharon outside of church. Heather's new house is simply precious! Here's the question of the day??? How did Heather & Jason ever find the cute little Lemon house all the ay in Neverland? I do not think I have ever taken so many rights or lefts to get to someone's house before!! I never thought I was going to get to Heather's new home!!!! Praise God Heather gave great directions b/c I would still be looking for the her Lemon House! Thanks Heather!!! Heather---Great Job on the Wall Colors.......I love it! I can not wait to sit on your front porch and rock the night away (boy, that makes us sound OLD)! Little Luke and Daddy Jason came in right before I went home........It's amazing how much father and son look alike! Luke was exhausted....He had a wild & crazy night with us friends! Luke was falling asleep in Heather arms (it was a great moment to watch)! It was about 9:30p when Sharon & I decided to leave! Since I was really lost by the time I got to Heather's, I told Sharon I was following her home. We only turned around once!!! We finally got on Custer Road, and we need to turn on Stonebridge Rd to go home the way we came..........But Sharon kept going straight......At that moment, I was totally paniced! I kept saying to Sharon this is not the way we came, this is not the way we came............and I am freaked out b/c I am totally lost (remember Sharon was in her car & I was in my car)!!!!! Sharon can we turn around, I am LOST, Please turn around!!!! Sharon I am stressing out here!! And as we were driving we came upon 121! I started saying Sharon is the Bomb....Go Sharon, Go Sharon.......Sharon, you get the SMART drivers award! Next time I go to Heathers, I am taking Custer Rd! Sharon, Thanks for getting me home last night!

God Bless!


3 Men, 2 Ladies & a Hound said...

You had me laughing! I had no idea you were so panicked.

I did fine following the directions to her house, but for some reason I can not follow directions backwards and was a complete idiot trying to get out of her neighborhood. Once on Custer though, I was on a mission.

We should really think about changing our hair color... to umm... blonde?

Heather said...

I'm so glad that you two both finally made it home. It was so great to see you both. I think we should do a supper type get together more often. In addition to Pokeno monthly. If we do it on a Wed. night at least Sharon can come some times (wink). Tammy the salad was great (was that spinach?) Sharon the jalepeno corn was very yummy too. I had a great time hosting. Ya'll are funny about getting lost. I should have told you Independence to 121 and you could have bypassed Custer all together....Sorry. Call me next time you get lost. I'll be your personal GPS like I was for Jocey.

Blueeyes said...

I hate being lost, or even thinking I am lost, it's always made me panic......I admit times I can be a wuss, or weird--however you want to think about it!

The salad was spinach......I have come to love can do so much with it!!!!

Sharon, I will change my hair if you change your hair, but you first! ;)

Heather said...

Neither one of you need to touch your hair. You both look beautiful with your red Do's.