Friday, April 24, 2009

Hair Decisions!

Should I cut the hair? I ask myself this question several times over the last few months. I love my hair both long and short. Summer is fast approaching...and I love a great, cute short summer cut. The downfall to a summer cut is that I can not longer pull it up in a ponytail.
I'm at a point where I like my hair. If you would have asked me 2 to 3 weeks ago, I would have said I hated the stage it was at. I will admit I have beautiful hair...It's one of my amazing qualities (so very humble!).
I keep thinking of growing it longer to donate it. I will need to research on which non-profit company I actually donate my hair too. Have you ever donated your hair? If so, what non-profit did you send the hair too?

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Lesli said...

I have a friend who donated to Locks for Love.

I MIGHT cut my hair later this spring. I have had an asymetrical bob and I have had it shoulder length, but not for ages. It has been halfway down my back probably since 2005.

Could be time for a change, because as they say, it is hair--it will grow back!