Friday, January 23, 2009

A Date.

John and I have talked as friends via the internet for about 4 years. Two weeks ago, John called and asked if I would actually like to go to lunch. I jumped at the chance. I was so excited to finally meet him.

He cancelled the 1st date we had set. He said his Mother went into the hospital. If he was telling the truth, I completely understand. Mothers are good people & should always be taken care of. So, we rescheduled the date for yesterday.

I was not nervous or excited to meet another man off the internet. After many dates, I have low expectations. My thought is if we hit if off GREAT, and if not it's OKAY. I showed up at 11:30a for lunch at a local deli. We introduced ourselves and that was the highlight of the date.

While waiting in line, he was talking to my chest. I told him my eyes were not down there, but up here. He looked un-kept/un-clean. He was missing many teeth. His table manners were worst than I have ever seen before in a grown man. He had food all over his face & hands. He could not even properly hold his fork. While we were eating, he started talking to my chest again. Again, I told him my eyes were up here & not down there. After we finished eating, he had food all over his finger nails & hands. He simply shrugged his shoulders like it did not matter.

The complete deal breaker was this: He was a child from this 1st marriage. He only sees him every other weekend, but has the option to see him more. John simply does not want too spend more time with his child. After I heard this, I called the date to an end & ran to my car.

I am child of divorce. I barely remember my Mom & Bio-Father being together. However, I longed for a relationship with my bio-father. Until my Mom married my Step/Adopted Dad, I never knew what a true Dad was like. Praise God for my Adopted Daddy.

I guess the saying is true: A woman must kiss many frogs before she finds her Prince. Thank goodness I did not kiss this frog.


~Lydia~ said...

YIKES!!! I think I would have run much sooner!

Lesli said...

Ugh, I am sorry. A frog and a half!!!

Lovely Willow said...

Hey I would really like to follow your blog. How can I do that?