Wednesday, January 07, 2009

1 4 3

For the past 4 days, I have had dinner at my friend, Karla's house. The food has been good. The company was so wonderful. Wii Bowling has been great! I want a Wii now just to play bowling at home.

Karla & Kenny have 4 small kids and 1 teenager. Karla was blessed with 2 sets of twins. Kirsten & Kaden are 6. Abigail and Allison are 3. Stephanie will be 16 next month. Sweet Sixteen..WOW! Their home is absolutely filled with blessed chaos constantly. Right now, all the kids are at such an amazing stage of development. I love watching them grow.

Abigail and Allison's speech is just exploding right now. I love having conversations with them. Allison has even told she put me on the "naughty" list a couple of times. I was quite impressed she actually knew I needed to be on the naughty list! Lately, when it's time for Aunt BlueEyes to go home, Allie & Abby tell me they love me. The first time I heard this my heart almost burst. Last night, I was telling Allie Good Night & she said it very loud. At that very moment, I would have done anything for that child! Anything. Kirsten wanted to sit by me at dinner a couple of times this week. I silently thanked God for such an amazing child.

It's a blessing from Christ that a child can love so unconditionally. Well, until you are put back on the naughty list.

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