Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Packing & Moving

In 15 days, the movers will show up on my door step. They will be moving all my stuff to my new Great Apartment. I'm very excited to be moving. I'm looking forward to having way more space!!!

I've have gone through my storage closets and the master closet. I have given away many bags of things/clothes I no longer need. I have thrown away lots of trash. It's amazing how much "stuff" you collect when you become an "adult".

I have officially packed only 3 boxes so far. Did I mention I will be moving in 15 days!?!! Only 3 packed box in 15 DAYS! I'm beginning to stress out!

My friends, Karla & Michelle, are coming over on Saturday night to help pack my kitchen and living room! Before they come over, I plan to have my entire bedroom closet, the knick knacks, and all my bathroom stuff packed.

Please pray my move is very smooth and my stress levels stays very low.

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