Friday, May 09, 2008

McCain in New Orleans.......What a Joke!

Please read this:

Since I am from New Orleans, I have a huge opinion about John McCain's visit. I am appalled John McCain said what he did. How can McCain really state the following: the Bush administration's response to Katrina's disaster was "terrible and disgraceful", Never again will a disaster of this nature be handled in this terrible and disgraceful way, that if McCain was President during the storm he would have been to New Orleans immediately, History will judge this President, and here's my FAVORITE statement McCain's visit: "All I can say is, it will never, ever happen again."

Dearest John McCain, Republican presidential nominee,

If you really thought Bush's administration response to the aftermath of Katrina was so terrible and disgraceful, why did you not immediately travel to New Orleans to help the victims of the Hurricane? Why did you not gather up funds, material, food or water and send it to New Orleans then or even now? Hundreds of People are still without power....their homes are still destroyed.....their lives are still torn apart.

Celebrities are still helping to rebuild New Orleans. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Harry Connick Jr are among the few who have created charities, worked, and have campaigned to rebuild my Home. Where is John McCain in the rebuilding process? What has McCain done to help grow New Orleans?

I am truly amazed by your choice of words when it comes to President George Bush & New Orleans. President Bush has supported you during your campaign. Shame on your John McCain. Thanks for stating a simple fact: History will judge this President. History will always Judge the President. People still Judge Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

How can you really promise something like this will Never, Never Happen again? Do you control the weather? Did you have a talk to God about all the natural disasters that could happen?

John McCain, I'm very disappointed in your trip to New Orleans . On your next visit to New Orleans, maybe you could come in "old clothes", pick up a trash bag, and start helping rebuild my Home town instead bashing the President in office.

Now, I am stepping down off my soap box.


doctorj2u said...

As a single woman native New Orleanian, I agree with every word you said. My only problem is that the Democrats didn't do much more. I am now a citizen that has no country, just the honor of paying taxes to the USA out the wazoo knowing it means NOTHING.

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