Thursday, May 01, 2008

Big Small Apartment

My week has been very difficult. Since BooBoo Kitty died on Monday night, I have cried buckets.. As I write this, I cry. Boo and I were friends for 16 years. I have never lived in Texas without him. It's weird coming home and not having him run to me........even at 18 yrs old, he still had lots of energy. He's death happened way too quickly.
I keep thinking about all the "what if's & why's". What if I noticed he was sick before Sunday night? Why did I not love on him more last weekend? Why did I just take him to the Vet's office and leave him there? Why did I not go visit him Monday after work like I thought about a thousand times that day? Why did I just put in him the Vet's kennel Monday without telling him I loved him? Why was I NOT there when he died? Stupid questions, but they keep racing through my mind.
It's amazing how BIG my really small apartment is now without BooBoo.

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