Thursday, February 26, 2009

The B I G 35!

On Feb. 18th, I turned 35. I have been asked several times how does it feel to be 35. Honestly, it feels like I am really still in my 20's, only wiser, fatter, and a little better financially! ;)

My Parents and PawPaw came to Dallas to visit me for my Birthday. They drove in on Wednesday and left on Monday morning. We all had a really great time together. My PawPaw and Dad were completely done with us due to the fact my Mom and I shopped until they almost dropped. My birthday week could not have been better. My family and friends surprised me with a wonderful dinner and fabulous gifts.

My family and I went to see two movies last week. We saw Hotel for Dogs and Madea Goes to Jail. Hotel for Dogs was a great movie. If you have kids, take them to see this movie. They will love it. Madea Goes to Jail was an amazing, heart-warming and laughable movie. Tyler Perry is a very talented man. He was born in New Orleans....that makes him good people. If you LOVE Tyler Perry, then please go see Madea Goes to Jail.

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Lesli said...

First of all, thank you so much for the comment you left me about my cat, Chloe, passing away this week. It meant a lot to me. Secondly, it is always surprising to find out that new people are reading my blog but are first time commenters. I mean, surprising that I have readers even!! Again, I appreciate that, too. I am going to start following your blog as well!!

Thank you!